Transitions are often challenging, as they require changes in behavior, mind-set and often attitude to adjust to the “rules of the road” of the new environment. Most attempts to facilitate the transition by orientation, training, and the hiring processes, seldom prepare the new hire for the radical differences in the work environment.

This is most often true when companies hire new employees straight out of college. The academic culture is one where individual achievement depends little on the success of others. It is a culture where ideas and theory take precedence over practicality. In short, it is one where individual thinking and individual mind-set are encouraged. This is as it should be for students that are confirming their individuation and capacity to decide for themselves.

However, upon entering the workforce, there is a radical shift in culture. Here individual goals are ultimately subordinate to corporate goals. Success is inevitably inter-dependent on the success of others, and individual agendas and mindset must take second place to a team mind set. Nothing is accomplished without working cooperatively with others. Discussions of theory must be short and the need for synchronized, practical action is immediate.

Very little in the college environment prepares the new hire for this shift towards working together. It is fundamentally a shift in one’s sense of accountability to others, the making and keeping of a myriad of agreements within a network of teams, and a constant focus on the common goal. In the Working Together Workshop the new or prospective employees can equip themselves with an understanding of the fundamentals of working together effectively and in doing so bring to that workplace a more complete expression of their education and talents.