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Team Training Workshop

IGEOS has developed an experiential workshop based on simulation technology that affords to explore the fundamentals of team excellence. It is designed for people who are already a part of a team as well as for individuals whose work depends on communication and cooperation with others.

Managing Teams Workshop

This executive workshop creates an extraordinary context in which managers responsible for leading teams experience the opportunity to become aware of and foster a leadership style that allows team members to bring their unique strengths to the team, and yet accept fully the responsibility for the success of the team.

Coaching Teams Workshop

The coach who can understand and encourage a team mind set is worth much more to a company than one who can only help individuals succeed. In the Coaching Teams Workshop, coaches have the chance to witness most of the obstacles that prevent excellence in cooperative work.

Follow-Up Services

IGEOS offers a three month team coaching follow-up to our Working Together workshops composed of monthly team and individual coaching sessions by conference call, follow-up surveys, and one-day team refresher for teams who have participated in the workshops.

Birkman Profiling

The Birkman Method is a comprehensive assessment system of one’s strengths, needs, and perceptions. It helps individuals increase their effectiveness in their personal life and their work.

Team Assessment

The assessment of team effectiveness provides a quantitative and narrative evaluation of how the team and individual members are performing against critical criteria for successful cooperation.