The focus of training and development has been largely on the growth of individual capabilities and skills. Yet, when people work together to achieve a common goal, they often fail because individual agendas outweigh the commitment to the common goal.

This dilemma has been addressed by a variety of different methods including the encouragement of camaraderie, academic seminars on team building, and the use of incentives for being a team player.

When these methods attempt to fix the symptoms of the problem without confronting the core obstacles, consistency in team performance remains elusive. People are often left with the feeling that despite their best effort, results occur at the whim of others. The feeling of mastery and ownership is challenged. Confidence in being able to effect results diminishes and the individual is inclined to see “taking things into her/his own hands” as a preferred solution. Of course, others in the team think the same way and fragmentation and polarization of the team takes over.

Over the years, IGEOS has envisioned a very different possibility in which working with others can lead individuals to reach outcomes far greater than what is normally expected from qualified teams. In our work with many high performance teams, such extraordinary success is consistently identified with adherence to specific fundamentals as well as to a heightened awareness of the interferences that plague teams.

IGEOS has developed an experiential workshop based on simulation technology that affords ample opportunity to explore the fundamentals of team excellence. It is designed for people who are already a part of a functioning team as well as for individuals whose success depends on their communication and cooperation with others. The workshop provides a clear picture of what is required to succeed in working with others, the interferences that sabotage the best of intentions and efforts, and the mind-set essential to be a team member. The outcome is a unique opportunity to recognize, practice and embody the very best of being a team player.