Embodying responsibility and ownership to team success

Without question, one of the most appreciated qualities of a team member is the responsibility and ownership each individual directs towards the success of the team.

Traditionally, leaders accept the lion share of such responsibility. Yet, paradoxically, when the leader accepts total responsibility, the consequence is often a diminished sense of responsibility accepted by others. When the proverbial “buck” is claimed to stop with the leader, then the assumption by other team members is that it does not stop with them. With the resulting abdication of ownership, comes the assumed right to blame the leader when the team fails and complain when they are not given sufficient credit for team success.

IGEOS provides, through simulation, tools and coaching, the opportunity for leaders to become aware of and foster a leadership style that allows team members to bring their unique strengths to the team, and yet accept fully the responsibility for the success of the team.

Our four-day executive workshop creates an extraordinary context in which managers responsible for leading teams will have first-hand experiences of supporting teams successfully even in the most difficult of situations. Managers will also have the opportunity to grapple with interferences so self-evident that no blame or excuse will suffice and practice repeatedly the most effective approach to guiding a team toward the successful completion of a task.