Training workshop on team coaching

Executive coaching has developed predominantly around the one-on-one coaching model aimed at the identification and fulfillment of the executive’s individual goals. Yet in the modern workplace it can be said that individual success counts for little in the absence of excellence in working effectively together. In short, corporate success is a function of how well teams work, and conversely the costliest corporate failures are caused by breakdowns in the fabric and practices of teamwork.

The coach who can understand and encourage a team mind set is worth much more to a company than one who can only help individuals succeed.

In this three-day intensive workshop, coaches will practice awareness, responsibility and trust as they navigate through moving from individual to team mind-set and have the chance to witness most of the obstacles that prevent excellence in cooperative work.

The workshop will offer many opportunities to observe and to practice live team coaching.  As with individual coaching, the primary function of the coach is seen as holding up a clear mirror so that team members can become aware of the impact of every communication on the team’s capacity to excel.